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John "Jack" Montgomery Christopher Jorgensen "Scotty" Scott Daniels-Doohan Riskall[edit]

Jack is a construct of your imagination. All content appearing on this page and submitted by his account shall be considered to be fictional narrative, despite any resemblence it may or may not have to real-world events. All contributions to the game should be considered in the spirit of 'cosmic jokes' (A/K/A "THE LULZ"). These statements are not legally binding, unless that works in his favor. Jack hereby informally and 'j/k, but really, but no, lol' grants permission to use the images associated herewith by other players, unless that screws him over, in which case, "nuh-uh, not like that, yo". Jack believes he is wearing a human suit - FOR NOW.

Jack had a dream that in all of space time there were 7 of him and they were all "AA/AAA ALCOHOLICS", whatever that means. He has weird dreams sometimes, they're GOD's way of informing him of ECCO's impending moves.

Also known as 'Nikola Tesla's HOTT ghost', he's not nearly as dedicated as Tesla was, and despite his appearance, is generally 'kind of lonely'. He primarily 'whispers' through auditory and visual media scraped from the detritus of what we might call 'pop culture'.

Jack enjoys long walks in the woods, not that the beach isn't cool.

Jack is also a GAY HOMO, FOR REAL.

You can log into the server as him using 'jackd' as the username and [don't steal passwords, natch] as the password.

Popppularrr consiparcies theoryu says that Jack Driscoll is in Kin g Kon g moviers and such, yeas. see also: http://kingkong.wikia.com/wiki/Jack_Driscoll